5 Tips for a Smooth Move!

July 20, 2020 | Posted by: Sherry Corbitt

Moving can be stressful. Here are some tips and tricks to make it smoother.

By Ryan Tuckett

Buying a new place can be stressful and tedious. On top of that is the added pressure of packing and moving. I am here to talk about some tips and tricks to help your move go easier with some advice from Brandon from Hills Moving.  

'At Hills Moving, we provide the best services, fair prices and quality customer service for every move. As highly trained and professional movers, we strive to make each move easy and stress-free. We take pride in our work, and make sure all belongings arrive safely and securely to their destination.' which is what I admire as the older I get the more I value good customer service, nothing is worst than paying a company who truly doesn’t care about or respect your personal belongings.

There is a lot of things that can slow you down during a move  and Brandon say's 'A helpful tip to making your move easier and stress free is to pack all your belongings before the movers arrive. This ensures that the move will move more quickly, therefore costing you less in labor. Also clearly labeling the outside of your box will help with the transition and making it easier to unpack when moving into your new home.'  

Although that may seem  like common sense more often than not people leave things to the last minute either from procrastination or even unintentionally due to living a busy life. Giving yourself extra time to pack and get prepared will allow you to switch homes while taking a moment to take a deep breath and stay level headed. Weather is another factor that can affect traffic, arrival times and slow the overall move.

5 Tips for a smooth move!

  1. Make a list! Be organized in what needs to be done and assign the tasks to family members. Go room by room to decide if it is just basic packing or is there more that needs to be done (decluttering the basement, sweeping out the shed, disposing of old paints and batteries from the garage etc).
  2. Pack a Moving Day Survival Kit.
  • Kitchen: A few mugs, coffee/tea, kettle, spoons, napkins and a cooler of cold drinks and snacks.
  • Bathrooms: toilet paper, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and a few towels. After a long day a nice hot shower may help you sleep!
  • Bedrooms: Pillows and bed linen, a change of clothes for tomorrow and PJs for moving night.
  • From the Toolbox: Scissors, tape, hammer, screwdrivers, utility knife and an Allen key set.
  • Misc: Cleaning supplies, pen, paper, a few light bulbs, pet food and dishes.
  1. Declutter in advance! Take the time to purge now so that items you no longer need or want don’t come with you to the new home.
  2. Don’t over pack boxes! It can be tempting to fill the boxes to the brim but overloading boxes can make them heavy and potentially hurt the person carrying them and damaging your items.
  3. Label the boxes! Don’t just mark a box as Kitchen, add some bullet point descriptions so when you start to unpack you can stay organize and unpack in order.

Bonus tips: If you have children, maybe this is the perfect time for a sleepover at the Grandparents! Another tip if your budget and location allows is to consider a hotel for the night. A good sleep and a hot shower with breakfast could rejuvenate you for a busy and productive 2nd day of unpacking!

With the pandemic still in full effect I asked Brandon if Hills Moving has experienced any hiccups or changes in their service and he had this to say 'Covid-19 has not changed the way we conduct our services too much. We continue to ensure that all our trucks are sanitized and clean before the move begins. We ask our clients to sanitize any surfaces that our movers might come in contact with, as well as respecting social distancing. Furthermore, we at Hills Moving have been providing the proper PPE to our employees.'

 Hills Moving offers the following services;

  •  Packing
  •  Moving
  •  Deliveries
  •  Supplies
  •  Unpacking service for Local and Long Distance, commercial and residential
  •  Dis-assembling and re-assembling furniture

 At the end of the day there are ways make your move easy and forgettable like it should be, giving you more time to enjoy the new chapter in your life.

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